Dear Alps-Adriatic philatelic Friends and Commissioners

I’m much pleased to may confirm to you today the participation of the Alps-Adriatic countries at the national stamp exhibition, rank II, organised by Club Filatelico Lugano and denominated „LUGANO 2014”, participation of which had been decided already at the General meeting of Alps-Adriatic philatelic group taken place in Eppan (Bolzano, Italy) on 22nd June 2014. As you already know, the exhibition will be held from Friday, 12th September till Sunday, 14th September 2014 at the Exhibition centre „Padiglione Conza” of Lugano.

More details, such as opening hours, exhibition classes, terms of application, frame fees, etc. may be gathered from the enclosed regulations (German and Italian) in pdf format. Due to organizational problems, these rules were approved only recently by the Association of Swiss Philatelic Societies (VSPhV).

A further information is given by the enclosed, multilingual and electronically to be filled-in „entry form”, which I would gently invite you to return to me by the latest as of 31st March 2014. By doing so, you would help me to better manage my role of Commissioner for both the national and the Alps-Adriatic show. These documents and many further information pertaining to the development and the organization of „LUGANO 2014” stamp exhibition can be now withdrawn through our homepage:

For any further questions don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail: or, for urgent needs, via cellphone: ++4179 / 290 16 84.

I’m delighted to having you as participants and thus look forward to warmly welcoming you in Ticino in September 2014.

Yours friendly,
Gianfranco Bellini
Commissioner LUGANO 2014

Presidente: Adriano Bergamini
Finanze: Pierre Schulthess
Segretario: Lorenzo Leggeri
Commercianti e Borsa: Helmuth Avi
Comissario: Gianfranco Bellini
Salone Ticino: Walo Mina
Commissario tecnico: Yvan De Carli
Commissario tecnico: Alvise Budel
Marketing, comunicazione: Mario Maccanelli
Informatica, catalogo: Roberto Leber
Giovani:Roland Ammann
Coordinatore SVPHV Presidente Alpeadria: Jvo Bader

Predsednik: Kurt Kimmel
Podpredsednik: Giovanni Balimann
Člani: Giacomo Bottacchi, Hadmar Fresacher, Istvan Glatz, Damian Läge, Kurt Märki, Julije Maras, Jörg Meier, Claude Montadon, Ubaldo Urietti, Igor Pirc.
Člani classi giovani: Martin Geser, Peter Suter.

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